AGM Systems LLC

We specialize in the development and integration of laser systems for mobile and airborne applications.

We use GNSS and inertial positioning technologies. Our hardware and software products provide wide range of tools for the collection, processing and analysis of air and mobile mapping data.

Particular attention in all of our solutions is given to high performance, accuracy, precision and convenience for end users. High quality specifications of our products are achieved through cooperation with a number of Russian, Japanese and North American companies that provide us with some specialized solutions.

The experience of our specialists in the fields of physics, geodesy, applied mathematics and other disciplines allows us to solve the most complex technical problems and provide our users with only an innovative product. Highly qualified engineers of the company are ready to conduct training, introduction and support of our products and services all over the world.

Stack of the technologies and programming languages used: C++, Python3, Go,Lua, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, React.js, Node.js, Sencha Ext Js, Django,Postgresql, Docker, Kubernetes, Nginx, Apache. In the modern world, changeshave become the norm. We are constantly improving, developing advancedtechnologies, improving our skills and mastering new tools. Specifiedthe list is regularly updated to ensure the possibility of providingup-to-date and competitive products for our customers.

MAY 2012

First developments

Development of the our first inertial navigation solution AGM-PS. It was originally intended for use in aerial photography with various cameras, including PhaseOne, Nikon, Canon, etc. Later it was used for spherical panoramic photographing of highways by FLIR camera (at the time PointGrey) LadyBug 5.

JUNE 2013

Studying UAV

First test of the unmanned airborne aerial camera system based on the UAV ZALA 421. The experience gained in the development of this complex was later used by us in the development of the our first airborne laser scanner for the UAV AGM-MS3.

MARCH 2014

First mobile laser scanner

Tests of the our first prototype of mobile laser scanner AGM-MS. It was built on the basis of the inertial navigation system AGM-PS, the laser scanner FARO Focus X120 and the spherical panoramic camera FLIR (at the time PointGrey) LadyBug 5.

JULY 2014

Testing MLS in difficult conditions

The first practical application of the AGM-MS mobile laser scanning system under difficult conditions for inventory and diagnostics of regional highways of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, including mountainous areas. The experience of more than 1000 km of surveying allowed us to significantly refine the system to ensure accuracy and stability of the work.


First serial product

Completion of the development of the 7th version of the prototype of the AGM-MS mobile laser scanner, which subsequently begins to be serially produced under the name AGM-MS7. This version incorporates the improvements made on the results of surveying thousands of kilometers of municipal, regional and federal highways in various regions of Russia for the purposes of engineering surveys, inventory, diagnostics, development of road traffic control projects, cadastre, etc.


AGM Systems LLC foundation

Production of equipment for mobile and airborne laser scanning and related software is allocated to separate company AGM Systems LLC.

JUNE 2016

State Register of Measuring Instruments

Mobile laser scanning system AGM-MS7 confirmed its unique technical characteristics during the tests at Russian Metrological Institute of Technical Physics and Radio Engineering (VNIIFTRI) and was included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments.


Great experience of using

The AGM-MS7 mobile laser scanning systems surveyed more than 50,000 km of highways in various regions of Russia for the purposes of engineering surveys, inventory, diagnostics, development of road traffic control systems, cadastre, etc.

MARCH 2017

First Airborne Laser Scanner

AGM Systems LLC presented its first airborne laser scanner for UAV AGM-MS3. It was based on the inertial navigation system AGM-PS and the Velodyne laser scanner. The accumulated experience in the development of equipment for mobile laser scanning, airborne laser scanning, and the using of UAVs for aerial photography made it possible to create a convenient, reliable, accurate and commercially effective product.



AGM Systems LLC for the first time takes part in the international exhibition INTERGEO as an exhibitor.



AGM Systems LLC became a resident of Skolkovo. It is the unique project aimed to attract the best Russian talent and to encourage them to develop their own innovations.

MAY 2020

Velodyne Lidar

We became the official integrator of Velodyne Lidar for solutions for airborne and mobile laser scanning.


Unique algorithms

We have developed our own unique algorithms for processing data from high-precision inertial navigation systems.


Own lidars

Compact, lightweight and efficient self-developed lidars are presented on the international market.

We are engaged in laser scanning: