AGM PosWorks WEB

Service for calculating the trajectories of laser scanning systems by integrating data from global navigation satellite systems and inertial sensors.

The result of the calculation is a high accurate trajectory in the SBET format. The trajectory is used for subsequent geopositioning of laser points and photographing centers in the required coordinate system.

The service has flexible and intuitive web interface that provides both a minimum entry threshold for new users and comfortable and fast use by experienced professionals. The calculation process is built linearly, performed step by step, with the possibility of returning to previous steps. Each step of the calculation process is accompanied by the display of relevant information with pictograms, maps with trajectories and graphs. The data for the calculation is loaded using the file manager of the system. RINEX files version 2.xx and 3.xx, Ublox, Novatel OEM7, ISD, IMU are supported. Automatic loading of ephemeris is possible.

The configuration of each individual calculation can be customized by the user depending on the specific external conditions during the survey period. The system allows the user to evaluate the quality of the solutions obtained by analyzing graphs and additional statistical information. In addition to the main SBET export format, KML and GeoJSON are supported.

Additional functions and algorithms make it easier for the user to obtain the result by automatically determining the start and end times of ANN data processing, excluding turns from the final trajectory, etc.

Recommended workplace requirements:

- availability of an up-to-date version of a web browser based on Chromium (Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Microsoft Edge) or FireFox with JavaScript support;

- Internet access at a speed of at least 1 Mbps;

Link to the service Access to the AGM Posworks Web service is provided only as part of airborne and mobile laser mapping systems manufactured by AGM Systems LLC. Providing technical documentation and the cost of a license to work with the service is possible upon request.

You can read the instructions for working with AGM Posworks Web on the main page of the service or on our YouTube channel.