Inertial navigation solution AGM-PS.M

Compact and lightweight solution for positioning UAVs, vehicles, aerial surveying systems, laser scanners and other equipment, including in conditions of poor GNSS signal.

AGM-PS.M is effective solution for measuring position and orientation of an any carrier, including UAVs. Distinctive features are compactness and low weight. It includes a triple-frequency, quadruple-system GNSS receiver and low-weight MEMS IMU.

AGM-PS.M could be integrated with aerial surveying systems, laser scanning systems and with any other equipment that requires precise positioning.

Extremely compact and lightweight solution.

AGM-PS.M soluton makes it possible to obtain the trajectory of the carrier, including under conditions of poor GNSS signal. Due to its compact size and low weight, the AGM-PS.M is excellently suited for installation on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) both independently and in conjunction with a wearable payload, like aerial cameras, airborne scanners, etc.


Inertial navigation solution AGM-PS.M.

Systems of satellite navigation GPS,GLONASS,BeiDou,Galileo
GNSS data recording frequency 5-20 Hz
Gyros technology MEMS
IMU data recording frequency 500 Hz
Weight 100 gm
Position, m 0.02
Velocity, m\s up to 0.005
Roll\Pitch,° up to 0.005
Heading,° up to 0.010
*detailed information on request