Airborne laser scanner for UAV

Affordable and effective solution for airborne laser scanning from unmanned aircrafts.

Low weight and compactness of the scanning system make the device as cross-platform as possible, allowing to install it on various aircrafts, including fixed wing plane types UAV.


First price on the market - upon request

Laser scanning has never been so easy and affordable

The possibility of integrating an external camera - visible range or multispectral, expands the field of application. The main use cases of this lidar:

›  engineering surveys;
›  cadastre;
›  three-dimensional modeling;
›  creation of GIS for various purposes;
›  monitoring;
›  analytics and many others

To calculate the trajectory of the aircraft and for the spatial reference of the point clouds the software developed by AGM Systems LLC is used.


Airborne laser scanner for UAV.

Laser system
Data acquisition rate 300 kHz
Range 100 m
FOV 360°
Deflection unit rotation speed 20 rps
External camera integration
Inertial navigation solution AGM-PS.M
Metrological specifications*
Range accuracy 3 сm
Spatial accuracy 3-5 сm
*detailed information on request
Functional specifications
Dimensions 141x112x112 mm
Weight 1.0 kg
Power consumption 9-18 V, 1.3 A
Operating temperature -10 ... +50 °C

AGM-MS1 - airborne laser scanner (LiDAR) for UAV

Video presentation of the lidar with an example of installations for various types of unmanned aerial vehicles and the data received.

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