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Training of young specialists in the fields of geodesy and cartography

The development of technologies in fields of GNSS and inertial navigation, laser measuring instruments and photogrammetry has given impetus to the creation of new mobile mapping systems (ground and airborne), capable of repeatedly increasing the productivity while surveying various objects. The advantages of using such systems are completeness, accuracy, precision, detail and high speed of data acquisition.

The introduction of modern mobile mapping in the production process can significantly increase the efficiency of organizations in areas related to the using of geospatial data.

The development of the described technologies by modern companies requires appropriate training of personnel. For this purpose, the specialists of AGM Systems company conduct lectures, training seminars and practical classes on working with geospatial data for solving a wide range of tasks.

A number of our courses are used to prepare students for the leading educational institutions in the South of Russia. Young specialists in obtaining a diploma already have the knowledge that gives them competitive advantages in finding a job and career prospects.

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